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DAY 3 MEIXIAN 06:06 Monday, 27 June 2011
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After a long hiatus from youngandinfinite; I was busy recharging and ministering- I'm back!

The start of the third day was immensely draggy. We had a really good breakfast at the dimsum restaurant in the hotel before heading off to MeiXian. It was a good 5 hour journey, I slept, read my book, slept, looked the scenery, spent time with God on the bus and slept. We did have stops in between, yes, I'm a pig and binged on chewing gum. If you are wondering what's up with the first photo, it was on the cigarette carton that my grandma bought for the bus driver.

On the way there, we passed many rural villages. Some of the houses were vacant, run down and it looked like a great place for a horror movie. There were these red tapestry like cloths that ran down each side of every door with huge chinese calligraphy on them. It freaked me out a little and made me wonder if they were trying to keep some spiritual monster out- in the end, I found out they were meant to bring good luck, not exactly to keep anything away.

When we reached, our long distance- when I say long distance, I honestly mean people who are not exactly related to us but bear the same surname as my grandfather and his children and my cousins- relatives picked us up and brought us to this restaurant to have our late lunch. They ordered dog meat for us, not knowing that we don't take to it. Our faces cringed when we took a tour of the restaurant later on and saw two of the cutest dogs in the world tied to two different doors waiting their fate. They claimed that they don't kill pet dogs, instead they purposely breed mutts; just like how we would breed cattle, for consumption.

Afterwards, they brought us to a temple where supposedly is known as the temple of death owing to the fact that there is a live tree and a dead tree at the same height next to each other, also a pond full of fish which is alive on one side and cooked on the other, yet they continue living. It was a weird experience. Had grass jelly and walked on the air for a bit before heading back to the hotel.

WE HAD KFC FOR DINNER and also the expected nightly foot massage.


Met up Dong Ying and Miho today at Cine to shop and spend time with Miho before she flies off to Japan tomorrow. It was super fun although I didn't buy a lot. Everything ended up to be from forever21 except for my bracelet. I shall wear the new clothes out tomorrow to show them to you when I blog! Also, I've been up to a mini project. Can't wait to show you guys when I'm done! Actually, it's one mini project and a huge scale one for the other.

Alright, I'll continue my China trip again tomorrow morning, in the meantime, check this video out:

DAY 1 AND 1/4, DAY 2 OF CHINA AND TODAY. 05:29 Thursday, 23 June 2011
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Before I write about the second day, I forgot to mention that for 3/4 of the trip, we lived like nomads. Moving from place to place, never staying in a hotel for more than 1 night, except the last two nights of course.

I was tempted to convince my family to watch Cirque du Soleil, however, we had so little time in Macau that I didn't get to watch it. I have resolved in my heart that whoever marries me must bring me back there just to watch the circus. I know that they say they torture circus animals and things like that, however, I really hope that this particular circus doesn't use animals at all. I would much rather watch acrobats flying in the air, gracefully, rather than a roaring lion that is being tamed with a chair.


We visited a historical site early that morning. A church that was burnt to the ground with all that remains was the huge door. Surprisingly, there was a dove on the head of the virgin Mary, I would love to say that it was sent from heaven but no, it was merely coincidence.

The entire architecture of the front doors is a mix of east and west; christianity and the demons, dragons of the east. I studied it for a good while before making my way down with the rest of the family to get drinks and head back to Hotel Venetian to get our bags.

We were on our way to Guang Zhou. Surprisingly, the 3 hour bus ride didn't kill me. It was tolerable with my books and music, of course, sleep was an option for me as well. Upon arriving and checking into our hotel, we had dinner at some restaurant that sold pigeon meat as one of its delicacies. It was only until after dinner was I then informed that it was really not pigeon, more like quail. I'm still thankful I didn't eat it though, not something that I'm willing to try.

Afterwards, we went for a little shopping spree. The sandals I wore were falling apart and the extra pair of shoes I brought along could compete with a skunk. My mother agreed to buy me a pair of converses. We went for an extremely good foot massage and headed back to the hotel in Guang Zhou. I don't remember dreaming, I was too tired. 


Spent my wednesday with DongYing and ShengYong & Tom. See the difference? And and &. K, nevsmind. It's good to spend time with best friends.

Dong Ying is my left side twin, because that's the part of my hair which looks like hers. Sheng Yong is my right side twin, because my hair looks like his. Which he cut. In honor of me. He is forever copying my hairstyle. Because I'm cool and he wants to be cool.

Dong Ying applied for Marble Slab with me then I went to meet Sheng Yong to find Tom at Haji Lane. We shopped a little bit then raided Tom's house. & all of a sudden, I'm learning the accordion from the both of them. & all of a sudden, we were at the play ground. & all of a sudden, I was fellowshipping with Sheng Yong on the bus. Then, I got home. Oh how interesting my day was.

You must be pretty bored to have read to the end.
Unless, you're Jing Wen #1stalkerforeverandever

Macau 18:32 Tuesday, 21 June 2011
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Hello you! I'm glad you're still around, it's been a million years! How have you been?
If you have been living under a rock; and that's pretty cool because you rock creatures have access to internet whilst the poor ones living under the sea have none, I just came back from the land of China!

Hotel Venetion; beautiful, amazing.
I walked in, enthralled by the beauty of the place. Gold coated fountains, "paintings" on the ceilings. Nothing like I've ever seen. Yet, a bugging thought crept back in my head: This is a casino hotel; this secular world looks so beautiful with all it's glamour and exclusiveness. If this is the secular world; what not heaven?

The scene from Percy Jackson kept coming back; the part where Percy gets stuck in a casino just like the one I was staying in. He lost track of time and kept partying and partying. The lotus flower he ate confused him, made him lose track of time and forget about why he was in the casino in the first place. If there isn't any biblical truth in that then I don't know what does.

I know the sky looks real but trust me, it really isn't.

Went around the other casino hotels to visit and take a look at their interior decorations.

End of day one.

Forever 21 lace tank top, bracelet given by Rona, shoes and sandals from Cotton On, 
bag and shorts from obscure bugis street shops, necklace given by my mom.
Moooonooopoly 10:11 Wednesday, 15 June 2011
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Chilled at Lesley's place in the afternoon whilst waiting for my beloved Tieng and Jing Wen to break out of school and join me for dinner. I've been praying that I won't catch Tricia's Hand Foot Mouth disease! I want to enjoy my holiday! Did I mention that I'm flying off to China tomorrow? I have only packed half my bag, I cannot seem to fathom what else have I misplaced and not packed in. Oh, that's right! My toothbrush!

And I just felt the need to mentioned that Sam pwned Lesley and I in Monopoly.

Got treated to a mad awesome restaurant called Raindrops Cafe. Inside, all hell broke loose because of the concoction of Su Tieng and Jing Wen placed beside each other. It's like mixing lithium with water. We fellowshipped, encouraged each other, talk about nonsense and headed to Cineleisure to watch Super 8.

I honestly thought it was a natural disaster movie, something like 2012 or at least along those lines. It's not. It's not even close. It's about some alien and it's not cool when you expected a flying house in a tornado and it gives you something out of Alien VS Predator; the worst parts were the loud music and sudden movements. It was a thriller and oh my gosh, I wanted to hide my face and die. Well, it was a good movie, really good. The actors and actresses were amazing, intense emotions and well, they were all young. I would have to say though that if it weren't for the shock factor, it would have been a pretty "meh" movie for me.

Afterwards, we headed to Macs to try and get some internet connection going on for Tieng owing to the fact that she has to complete her RJ. God obviously wanted us to have a good time so He somehow managed not to get us connected to the internet no matter how many times we tried. I kid.

My bag is still not packed yet and I'm not looking forward to the amount of email that I will have to clear and the texts that I will not be able to reply. Did I mention how much I hate long flights? I dislike the fact that the aisle of the plane is tiny, the seat is tiny and the space in front of the seat is tiny and the toilets are miniature. I don't know how I will survive a 5 hour flight, armed with only my knitting tools and a book. I will probably die and rot and cry. Not necessarily in that order.

I will let you know if I survived. Until then, see you!
I am surrounded by idiots 08:00 Tuesday, 14 June 2011
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Just Acia @ Dhoby Ghaut with The Kids. Bishi Bashi-ed, monopoly dealed and left for Habitudes. Meeting Sam and Lesley tomorrow again to slack before going to find Su Tieng & Jing Wen for dinner. I'm wearing a top from some obscure place that my mom shops at, I honestly have no clue where she does her shopping. She buys a few pieces and there are the constant misses but this bat wing chiffon top is definitely a hit. I've been wearing it for some time now and I'm absolutely in love with the material.

I've learnt that merging 5 photos together is almost impossible, there is always 2 that will definitely be unseen underneath and thus I had to adjust the opacity so much for each photo to almost similar ranges in order for the previous photo to be able to be seen through. The outcome is almost a work of art, surrealism and a slight feel of reality. 4 worlds colliding into one on a fateful day. Shankar was being sick again, that little spoil sport. Just kidding, I hope you recover soon, Shang! Miss you so much! We've planned to hit USS around the first week of July. Hopefully, Lesley will be so high that she'll forget her fear of things that go up and down and all around and ride the Battlestar with us!

with love,