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A hairy experience 19:46 Friday, 27 May 2011
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I've been busy of late. Really busy. Busier than the bee. What have I been so busy with?
I think you know. Do you know?


I'm in charge of the design and painting for the whole project. I really hate leading alone because I need many many many eyes to see so I pulled Sheng Yong in. He has four eyes. Together, we'll have six! Six is good, if only we could hit seven, then it will be perfection. Six six six.

On Thursday night, I finally caught up with some old school friends. I don't mean decades old, I mean age old. Oh, don't worry, they're all young at heart. Like me, oh yes, mmhmm. I really miss them a lot, I really do. My June schedule is too packed to celebrate a proper birthday with them. I hope I get to though, it'll be fun. They're always fun, oh yes, mmhmm.

By the way, we went to Island Creamery. Near Ngee Ann Poly. It is very far. Very very. Shang and I almost got lost. I said almost because we were stunned for about 5 seconds on how to cross the expressway. I foresee a joke ahead. Especially since we were born in the year of the Chicken.

"Why did Shang and Zoie cross the road?"
"To get to the other side, duh!"

We did cross the road, not the expressway. Or we'd be dead by now. Or in jail. Either way, none of the options were pretty. We walked a bit and finally saw a traffic light. Then we crossed to an epic Macdonalds. Oh yes, mmhmm.

By the other way, I said I've got something to show you in the previous post. 

I cut my hair. The guy dyed it black though. I'm going to dye me some brown next week. Did I mention I'll be away form the 1-4 June? To camp. In a hotel. In Malacca. With buffets. And friends. Oh yes.

Now to help you get over your shock about my hair, I'll post some photos of my pweeedy cat.

I love my cat.
Why wait? 19:55 Monday, 23 May 2011
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I don't remember what age was that. I only know that the girl beside me is my best friend, Elea-poofball elmo-nor. We technically lost contact for about 4 years of our lives and somehow by some twist of fate, we became best friends again. The second photo is of us and our brothers. I think we were imitating Power Rangers. I think. Oh, and we were at Sunway Lagoon. Again, I think.

I have a surprise for you all. It's coming soon. Stay a little longer, but then again, why wait? What I'm about to do has been lingering at the peripherals of my mind for quite some time, lying dormant at the back of my head; only to be stirred up by a conversation. Oh, don't worry, it is nothing new. I've had it before,  at most, I'll wear a scarf and pretend I'm a hippie. Stay a little longer, you'll find out soon enough!
Just Asia 05:18
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Topshop dress which I cut up into a crop. Black tube from some obscure place that I cannot remember. Cotton On shorts, SIX aviators and a pair of my mother's boots from Korea.

I look like I'm dressed for the beach.

Except for the boots. Which I changed into a pair of blue sandals from a shop at The Central. 

Where am I headed to? Well, I was meeting someone.

At Pasir Ris...

You silly goose, I was meeting Yu Wen.

And we somehow bumped into a few old, well young but we knew them from about 2 years ago, friends. They still remembered me, I had a hard time recalling their names; much to my embarrassment. Yu Wen guessed Vanessa's name right. We found out because I dared her to shout Vanessa.

It was awkward.

I know you had enough of me.

Why not have a cup of Milo?

Not this Milo.
You'd have to wrestle me for her. Everyone knows I always win. With my eyes closed. I promise.

Tomorrow will be another busy day. I have to be down at Church to meet the big boss to confirm The Hangout's budget before we can buy or do anything. Honestly, it doesn't scare me.
It doesn't scare me at all that I'm asking for a big sum of money to renovate a place from someone whom I have never spoken to face to face in my life. Oh, and whom I saw shout FIRE OF THE HOLY GHOST and someone got slain.

I promise you I'm not frightened at all. Maybe just a little.
Marks On Skin 21:36 Thursday, 19 May 2011
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I have often thought about tattoos and if it is a sin to get one. Personally, I feel it is more of a personal conviction rather than a "sin" due to the fact that there are some prominent Christian artistes with tattoos that proclaim their faith of Jesus Christ and also because the Bible only seemed to talk about it once in the Old Testament (correct me if I am wrong).

I am touching upon this subject because I want to know if it is a sin or is it a conviction. I have honestly thought of getting tattoos before, mostly words instead of drawings or pictures. I even contemplated on getting one on the day of my wedding; the inside of my ring finger that either says my husband's name or just the word 'married'. Of course, I know that all tattoos fade in the end so I did think about getting a white tattoo after seeing one for myself; however due to the standards that I have I wanted to check what the bible says about getting tattoos.

In Leviticus 19:28 , it says that we are not supposed to cut our bodies for the dead or any marks on ourselves. Yet, it says that in the New Testament, there is only two laws to obey. So technically, do we still have to follow through with Leviticus 19:28 or is it a self-conviction? In a sense, lying is a sin, however now we do not lie because we are afraid God will send lightning down to destroy us but instead we don't lie owing to the fact that we love Him and we don't want to grieve Holy Spirit. It was never clearly stated if getting a tattoo is sin or not, but we do know that God doesn't like it.

Thus, because my Father doesn't like it, I won't get it. Now, we come to the place where some people might argue that they are getting one not in remembrance of the dead but one to seal their faith into flesh, that they may be reminded of it wherever they go. In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, it tells us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and we all know that Jesus died on the cross to redeem us. The word 'redeem' means to 

1. Buy back
2. Repurchase
3. To recover ownership of by paying a specified sum
4. To set free, rescue
5. To restore honor, worth or reputation of

If you look at the definitions, out of 5, 3 acknowledge that it is an act of buying something and another even specified the word "ownership". So when Jesus redeemed us, He bought us. When He bought us, we ultimately belong to Him. Thus, whatever we do to our bodies, whatever actions we have, will have to result in His approval of it; what we eat, drink, speak if I may elaborate.

In this essence, the bible is not telling us that we cannot get tattoos but lets us know that our actions have to glorify our maker and our bodies and souls do not belong to us but to the One who has paid the price. With all the research I have done and the conviction in my heart, I turned in my bed and resolved in my heart that no matter how tempted I am to get a tattoo, even if it is to work as a reminder of my faith etched into my skin, I will never get one. It is, however, your own choice to get one and if you're still keen reading this, I have said all there is to say and look forward to how your ink turns out to be like.
I'm Not Copping Out 10:28
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First and foremost, I would like to dedicate this post to Aglin Chiang (Okaylahbye) Yue Lin!
Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine and being such a strong person even when everything is falling. You are beautiful. I love you(:

I went out last Saturday to Timbre to celebrate the birthday girl's birthday. It was quite terrible in the beginning due to certain people being nearly two hours late, haha; however, the night got more enjoyable when everyone came and our molecules exploded. I didn't order any drinks and I thank God I didn't have enough cash to order any in the first place. The music was blasting, people were toasting, cameras snapping. What a night to remember. For a moment, it felt like the night was never going to end and we would all just live for the moment. No wonder people flock to Clarke Quay, you actually feel like time stops just for you, what a horrible illusion.

We ended the glorious night with Aglin running around the place being a total maniac and somehow, by a blessing from God, saved herself from embarrassment when she actually knew the people she was shouting at. There was tons of kissing; not on the lips and mostly statues or the birthday girl herself. Then, there was me panicking about not having a Night Rider to hop onto and calling Sheng Yong for help but in the end he did not have to save me because it turns out 196 was still on the road. Oh yes, it was pure chance that the bus came and my mother was in a relatively good mood.

I shall end off here and come back soon when I have snapped more snazzy photos; or just grab them off Facebook. My insomnia is back and nothing is helping me sleep, I shall await the return of the cursed eye bags.

I also want to thank Sheng Yong for being such a wonderful friend! He bought me this book:
which I have been wanting to get for eons. I am so blessed! I've read about 1/4 of it now and I must say that it is definitely not a let down. So thrilled to have it in my hands!!

with love,